Digital Financial Inclusion and Economic ‎Performance in Saudi Arabia ‎

نوع المستند : المقالة الأصلية


Master’s researcher - University of Jeddah‏ ‏


        This study focuses on analyzing the relationship between "Digital Financial Inclusion" and "Economic Performance" in Saudi Arabia. Digital financial inclusion is a concept aimed at empowering marginalized and underserved groups with access to traditional financial services through the use of digital technology and electronic payments. Saudi Arabia aims to enhance digital financial inclusion as part of its Vision 2030 for economic transformation and societal development.The study highlights that digital financial inclusion contributes to enhancing economic performance in Saudi Arabia in several ways. Firstly, digital financial inclusion enhances financial connectivity and participation in the financial system for non-banking populations, thereby promoting economic growth and stimulating various economic sectors.Secondly, it fosters financial inclusivity and provides new opportunities for individuals and businesses to access financial services and manage their finances more effectively. Consequently, it promotes investments, innovation, and increases economic productivity. Thirdly, digital financial inclusion enhances flexibility and efficiency in the financial system by reducing cash transactions and improving electronic payment mechanisms. This achieves cost and time savings while mitigating issues of monopolies and financial corruption. Overall, this study demonstrates that digital financial inclusion plays a crucial role in improving economic performance in Saudi Arabia by enhancing financial inclusivity, financial connectivity, and participation in the financial system. However, it also acknowledges the existence of technological and societal challenges that hinder full achievement of digital financial inclusion. Therefore, the study recommends the need to enhance technological infrastructure, increase technological awareness, and strengthen regulatory and legal measures to promote digital financial inclusion in Saudi Arabia.